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What is financial freedom for you?

Have you ever though how would your life look like if money was no issue? If your thoughts are dominated by the idea of financial freedom but you still haven’t done anything with that, you’re in the right place!

Financial independence has various meanings to different people. But there is one common attribute – time. What would you do if you would have unlimited access to free time?

I propose you a small exercise – take a piece of paper and write down what motivates you to get financially free? I will share with you some of mine thoughts:

– I want to get financially free to be able to work where I want, with who I want and on conditions that suits me, not my ‘boss’

– have time to take care for my body, mind and soul

– be able to travel a lot

-feel secure and not depend on anybody

-sacrifice some of my time to charity

-spend a lot of time with my closest one


And you, what are your thoughts on financial freedom?


Sending you a lot of love,


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