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Wealthy Plan by Ann Money Camp – Introduction

Money Camp

Hi everyone!

It’s been now few years since I have decided to take control over my money. I thought that I will prepare a series of short posts which I called the ‘Money Camp’ to guide you through different steps, so you can gain control back over your finances.

We spend a big part of our precious time working, but somehow quite often we don’t respect what we gain in return – money.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your debt or maybe you wonder where your money went by the end of the month? Or actually the opposite – you already have some savings (good job!) but you have no idea how to make them work for you. If the answer is yes to any of the above, hopefully this series will guide you through (actually not so scary) world of finances.

I will try to cover areas like how to pay your debt, budgeting, saving for an emergency fund and how to start investing.

Before we start I would encourage you to answer whats your ‘why’ behind wanting to get back control of you money. Peace of mind? Funds for a trip around the world? Or maybe early retirement? Write it down and keep it in a place that will be easy accessible for you. It is really important to know your ‘why’. This way whenever your motivation will go down you can always go back to your list and remind yourself what’s the real reason behind getting back on track with your money.

Good luck, and let me know what do you think about starting this series!

See you in there


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