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My Merch by Amazon Journey so far – starting & reaching Tier 100

Today I would like to share with you a bit about my Merch by Amazon journey and where am I on the Tiers ladder. I think it is now one of the simplest passive income opportunities.

In a shortcut Merch by Amazon is a program were you provide designs which are then printed and fulfilled by Amazon. So far (as per February) the platform sells t-shirts, hoodies and popsockets to United States and t-shirts only to UK and Germany.

I have been invited to the program in November. You need to request an invitation from Amazon to get started and it took me few months by Amazon to get accepted.

Late November I started uploading my designs and quickly been tiered up to Tier 25. With the Christmas period I was able to sell enough t-shirts to be tiered up to 100. It was actually one t-shirt which sold out so well!.

Merch by Amazon Tiers

Just to make the term ‘tiers’ clear – they represent the levels entitling you to a number of total designs you can have live on the platform. It also limits the amounts of designs you can upload each day. For me the Merch by Amazon Tiers looked like the following:

  • Tier 10: maximum 10 designs, only 1 upload a day
  • Tier 25: maximum 25 designs, only 2 uploads a day
  • Tier 100: maximum 100 designs, 10 uploads a day

Not sure what about the higher tiers as I am on my way there!

There is a bit of confusion about how many designs you need to sell to be tiered up. For me that was 10 designs to be upgraded to tier 25 and more than 26 designs when I got to tier 100. But I have heard stories about people being tired up with lower sales.

January was not the best month, obviously, but by the end of the month sales went up and now I am awaiting to be tiered up to 500. So… fingers crossed!

If you would like to follow my merch journey I’m planing to prepare few posts about how to start on Merch. I do think this is the hardest thing- just START.

I’m actually very excited to see were this will lead me to and will be happy to share it with you.

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