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Want to be financially free? Make your research

financially free

Want to be financially free? Make your research

Some people are talented to make business. The rest can learn. Here are some thoughts how I see the path to become financially free.

I still remember when on my first year of primary school I opened a shop with my best friend. Yes, a shop. During breaks we would sell our little toys and other stuff which we would not use but still find valuable. Unfortunately, our teacher intervened and we needed to close our quite well prospering business…

What’s interesting now the same friend is running her own business. After few months of working for somebody she decided to open a company in a completely new field for her and she succeed! She definitely has a talent to make business.

But don’t give up if you think you’re not enough talented to achieve your financial freedom. We are lucky enough to live in times where access to education is so easy. We should use it!

There is plenty of choice: books, seminars, talks, workshops, even board games. Some of them are for free and some of them needs funds. But I do believe an investment in our education is always profitable.

My favourite way of financial education are books. And preparing notes during reading them. I find it very important to know different models of achieving financial freedom so I can make an accurate choice depending on the situation I am and on the lifestyle, I want to achieve.

After answering yourself ‘what I would like my life to look like?’ it’s time to make a decision what financial model would suit you the best. But without the right knowledge we may only lose time pursuing the wrong model! What’s the point of building a home-based consultancy business if what we really want is travelling?

So, read (here is my post on My top five passive income sources). Listen to podcasts. Take part in workshops. Write down notes. Prepare lists.

And then make a choice and be prepared to work hard. The reward is there and you will love the journey.

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