What the Wealthy Plan is about and how I got here?


The Wealthy Plan by Ann is a blog about reaching a meaningful and fulfilled life by building a passive income to achieve financial freedom.

I write about my different experiences and PLAN how I’m going to achieve my financial goals (I love planning as you could guess from the name of this blog ;)).

One day I was lying exhausted in my bath after a long day at work, thinking: ‘There must be something more than that’. I knew that something needs to change – I had no time for my closest ones nor energy to do things I loved. I was working so I could buy stuff to make my life easier and more colourful. But the reality was completely different…


And then I decided to make a PLAN.


I was not a quick fix but a PLAN FOR LIFE.


I reduced the amount of stuff around me, changed my spending habits and attitude to possessions. It was a good start, but I still felt I had not enough TIME.

I decided to take charge over how I spend this precious gift…I looked carefully on my schedules, realising how much time I would spend with the wrong people, watching tv or just commuting. So I became a pro at time management and re-prioritising what was important.


I didn’t realised it till I got there, that I was making space so I could finally take care of my finances. Working full time in a high pressure job is taking a big chunk of my energy and this is not what I want.


It’s been more than 3 years now since I started this journey and I cannot wait to see where it will take me. My goal is to become location independent and develop different sources of income which are alternative to a typical 9 to 5 job. I mainly focus on solutions which supports a lifestyle I want – freedom and time for what is meaningful.


So, If this is what you want, why not join the Wealthy Plan?